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Heather Nix, Fantasy Author

Heather Nix is a debut fantasy author hailing from San Diego, CA. A lifelong reader and writer, Heather works as a freelance editor and professional alpha and beta reader. In 2021, she decided to jump headlong into writing a full-length novel. Her debut novel, Woodborn, will be published in early 2023.

She finds inspiration in all realms of fantasy, drawing heavily from her time spent in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her work is strongly influenced by the classic fantasy RPG, Dungeons & Dragons. In her spare time she is a mother, a full-time student pursuing an English degree, and enjoys tabletop gaming with her friends and family.



January 21, 2023

“I do not know how I lived in darkness for so many years with this bright world just waiting for me to grasp it.”

Maelwen is a young witch trapped in a harsh and unforgiving life. Friendless and alone, she endures pain and abuse to survive in the desolate land of Iowain. 

Cicerine, a sweet young faun, lives in the idyllic glade of Kanitosh Woods. Alongside her mother and closest friend, she grows up in reverence of the god, Idyth—led by the mysterious Father Farragen. 

Escaping her tormentor and seeking a new life of her own, Maelwen finds a new life in the trade city of Konidas. Meanwhile, a terrible tragedy befalls the glade, and Cicerine must flee to the same seaside town, leaving behind all she has ever known.

As a dark force spreads across the continent, can Maelwen’s gifts and Cicerine’s developing power stand against the threat facing them all? Along with new friends, and a crew of sapphic pirates, the line between good and evil is tested as the continent prepares for an epic battle. 

Woodborn is a sapphic high fantasy novel, set in the shared world of Idythia—book one in the Song of Gods series.

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