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Content Warnings

Below are all in-depth content warnings for Heather Nix's books. Warnings can also be found on individual book information pages (in the drop down under Books) and new warnings can be submitted through the Submit a Content Warning form.


This is a sapphic fantasy novel, featuring a great deal of blood.

Please be aware that this book contains:

Sexual assault/rape by an authority figure
Non-graphic sexual assault (predominantly off-pa
Sexual harassment
Non-graphic death of an infant (no pain, no blood, not presented as tragic)
Consumption of blood
Dementia/Memory Loss
Death by burning
Off-page death by drowning
Drug use
Flashbacks of trauma 
Enslaved peoples
Religious trauma
Discrimination based on species (human vs. non-human)
Explicit sex
Gender dysphoria (with a positive outcome)
Mythological creatures

*Author’s Note*

This book contains some topics that historically have been used in different ways to vilify and wrongly persecute the Jewish people. As someone who grew up in a Jewish household, I wanted to be sure to handle these topics in a way that was not linked to the historical propaganda against Jewish people. 


I worked closely with a group of people from various Jewish denominations to ensure that these topics were handled in a way that did not perpetuate harmful stereotypes or other antisemitic tropes. I intentionally designed my characters in a way to ensure they were not Jewish-coded and the consumption of blood contained in my story is limited to abusive, male adults. However, these topics may be difficult for some readers, so please refer to the content warnings listed above.


In addition, please find a link below regarding Blood Libel and its origins in antisemitic propaganda.

The characters contained within are inspired predominantly by Greek mythology—both the mythological creatures and the witches, who are based loosely on Hecate and her followers. I also drew inspiration from Norse mythology when creating the cloaks they wear.

Woodborn CW

A Lute and a Lover

Please be aware that this novella contains:

Consumption of blood
Cremation via Pyre
Suicidal Ideation
Animal Abuse (promptly avenged)
Traumatic Brain Injury
Dominance/Submission Play
Self Harm (Punching a Wall)

Lute and Lover CW

Mixing Up Mayhem

Please be aware this book contains:

Explicit Lesbian Sex

Cheating (not by main characters)


Discussion of sins


Tail sex

Anal sex


Consensual erotic asphyxia


Misogyny in the workplace

Mixing Up Mayhem CW
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