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About Heather

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Heather Nix is a paranormal romance and fantasy author hailing from San Diego, CA. A lifelong reader and writer, Heather works as a freelance editor and proofreader. Her novel Woodborn debuted in January 2023. A Lute and a Lover soon followed in April 2023, as a second installment and prequel of The Song of Gods series. 

Heather diversified her repertoire in October 2023. Mixing Up Mayhem, a contemporary sapphic romance title, became the first in Heather's new series, Magic and Mishaps.


Heather's work is heavily influenced by the classic fantasy RPG, Dungeons & Dragons. She also draws inspiration from her time spent in the Pacific Northwest and her love of culinary arts. Heather is a mother, a full-time student pursuing an English degree, and enjoys tabletop gaming with her friends and family.

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