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Bonus Tavern Spicy Scene


Konidas 993

The girl is such a small thing that I lift her easily, settin’ her round little ass on a crate against the wall. I step between her thighs and lift my mouth to hers. He steps in behind me, his big hands moving down the curve of my waist to clutch my wide hips. I kiss her softly, barely grazin’ her lips with my own, sucking her lower lip into mine just slightly. She sighs into my mouth and shifts her hips forward in a smooth roll which tells me exactly what she wants. Her man pulls my hips back into him, rubbin’ my ass against the hard length pressin’ against his trousers. I lick her lip just slightly, teasin’, and she runs her hand up the back of my neck, pressin’ me to her with more force. She bites my lip, and I give up the pretense of sweetness, crushin’ my mouth against hers—tastin’ my own ale on her tongue.

A wide palm slides between my thighs and rubs me through my pants, delicious friction makin’ me purr and grind into it. The girl pulls her mouth from mine and kisses her way down my neck, nippin’ at me as she goes. Her hair smells like lilies, and I let my head fall back as she sucks at the spot just above my collarbone. That hand between my thighs knows what it’s doin’ and moves at a steady pace. It’s been so long that I’m liable to come with my damn pants on. My hand reaches behind me, and I grab him through the thin fabric of the linen pants he wears. Fuck. The damn thing is all the way up to his waistband. I stroke him slowly, and he groans as his hips jerk slightly when I reach the very tip. I feel the ties of my blouse loosen as the girl pulls at the laces, and my tits spill out the moment the bow is untied. I’m wearing stays today, but it’s not hard to pull my breasts out the top. The tailor is skilled, but there’s only so much you can do to contain a chest my size. My nipples tighten into hard peaks, and her soft little mouth closes over one, lickin’ a circle around and around. She's got a dress on but no undergarments, thank the gods, and my hand sorts through her petticoat to find her hot and slick. I rub against her with three fingers, feeling her swollen clit against my fingertips.

She lets out a breathy sigh, and I press two fingers into her. She clenches around me, her little body tight and wet. It’s hard as fuck to move both my hands, but I manage, matchin’ my movements to the same rhythm, up and down, in and out. I’m not gentle with her. This isn't her first time, I think to myself, pumpin’ my fingers in and out of her as she gently rocks on the crate. Fuck, I am definitely gonna come in my pants. There’s too much fabric under her skirt for me to get my face in there, so I circle her clit with my thumb. It’s not as good as a tongue, but it’ll do. It takes barely a minute for her to finish, and I follow soon after. This whole thing is hot as fuck. I pull my fingers out of her and reach my hand up over my shoulder. He sucks them clean with a shudder and pushes his cock into my hand hard. I feel him pulse in my hand as he comes, probably making a mess of his own stomach. It’s all over too quickly, but we ain’t got time for more.

He kisses my ear and whispers, “Meet us at the inn when you’re done here. Tell Beatrice you’re looking for Ivan and Niamh.”

I’m still short of breath, my voice rough. “Yes, sir.” I kiss her again as I help her off the crate, laughin’ as I spot the wet mark on the bottom of his shirt. He laughs too, runnin’ a hand through his hair and pushin’ it out of his face. “See you then.”

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